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I have had the privilage of presenting to healthcare professionals on the low carb, high fat dietary prescription since 2015. I have honed 5 presentations, any remix of which may help you and your colleagues precribe low carb with more confidence. 

1) Introduction to Nutritional Ketosis

This first presentation I delivered at the Family Medicine Forum in the Fall of 2017 in Montreal. It was well attended by about 130 of our family physician colleagues. Much effort was made to introduce nutritional ketosis as a therapy to a naive audience and dispel myths about ketosis. 

The following is a link to that same presentation recorded at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance for Grand Rounds on March 24th, 2017. Effectively Obtain Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Through Diet: Dr. Dax Biondi

2) Patient Knowledge Foundation

I have a Patient Video Series of 10 videos that form part of the knowledge foundation I give to my patients as part of the "prescription". It is 2.5 hours of content, any section of which may be suitable for a 1 hour presentation.

4) "Glucose Intorerance": A Better Term Than Type 2 Diabetes for a Reversible Disease Process?

Building on the presentation I gave at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Grand Rounds in 2017, I presented again on May 24th, 2019, the results of my practice based quality improvement study. I make arguments for why low carb should be the first line intervention for diabetes and how we need to be moving away from a medical model and toward a mental health/addictions model to treat obesity and diabetes. “Glucose Intolerance”: A Better Term than “Type 2 Diabetes” For A Reversible Disease Process? 

4) My Approach to Prescribing Low Carb

Learn my approach to prescribing a low carb dietary pattern "in a busy primary care setting". I have also developed a "quick chat tool" ideal for an emergency room or after-hours clinic patient.

I have developed a series of tools including: a handbook, patient self-assessment questionnaires and a patient video series, which may leave your audience feeling empowered to prescribe low carb themselves.

Please watch: "Practical And Sustainable Ways For Busy Family and Specialist Physicians To Incorporate Therapeutic Nutrition Counselling Into Their Practices" presented on Sept 19th, 2019 for the IPTN-CCTN Webinar Series to learn about my 'Flipped Classroom' approach.

5) A Day in the Office with a Low Carb Doc: Lessons Learned From My Patients

Presented at Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance Grand Rounds on September 27, 2019.


1.To explain why you should reject low-calorie dogma and prescribe a low carb, moderate protein, high fat/vegetable/salt, ketogenic lifestyle pattern to your patients with central obesity and diabetes. 

2.Spend a virtual day in the office with a low carb doc to see the benefits this prescription has to offer patients.

3.Briefly become acquainted with resources offered through MetabolicHealth.ca to assist in prescribing the low carb lifestyle pattern.