The MetabolicHealth Program Patient Video Series

These videos are for patients participating in a physician supervised administration of the MetabolicHealth Program. The information contained here-in is not meant to stand-alone.  

Please be sure to work with a doctor or nurse practitioner if you are considering making a significant lifestyle change. Please see our referral network to find a provider.  

 1. Introduction

 2.  Recovering from “What the Hell” 

 3.  Informed Consent 

 4.  The Modern Low Carb, High Fat Dietary Pattern 

 5.  Why We GOT Fat 

 6.  Carbohydrates Vs. Your Body 

 7.  The Hormone-Obesity Hypothesis 

 8.  Obesity and Addiction 

 9.  Introduction to the MetabolicHealth Program Handbook 

 10.  Your Prescription for a Healthy Weight