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My Story

I am a family physician with a general practice in Chatham, Ontario. I spend about half my clinical time covering shifts in our local emergency room and I have come to believe that obesity, diabetes and smoking contribute substantially to the health problems facing my community.

Try as I did to promote a lower calorie “Canada’s Food Guide” and increased exercise approach to healthy weight counselling in my office practice, I found my patients had little success recovering from metabolic sickness. Then, I met Dr. Atkins through his 1972 publication of “The Atkins Diet Revolution”.

Inspired by Dr. Atkins and guided by the published ideas of Gary Taubs and research of Tim Noaks, Eric Westman, Stephen Phinny, Jeff Volek, Jason Fung, Andreas Eenfeldt and Jay Wartman, the MetabolicHealth Program is my effort to translate scientific knowledge into clinically important patient outcomes.

For good reason, the MetabolicHealth Program counselling contradicts many aspects of conventional “healthy” dietary advice. For example, one MUST eat more salt and fat than is typically encourage while following a low carb dietary pattern. I am deeply grateful to my patients, colleagues and family for their support as I have departed from the safety of conventional dietary guidelines and attempted to expose the gap in our understanding and treatment of metabolic sickness.

My core belief is that the over-consumption of fructose, simple sugars and refined carbohydrates has led to a state of insulin resistance in a large subset of our Canadian population.


Through teaching my patients to decrease fructose, simple sugar and total daily carbohydrate intake, I have seen a critical mass of patients work toward recovery from the diseases of insulin resistance including type 2 diabetes and obesity. As one dietician said, “These are not the guidelines but it is hard to argue with the results.”

One can easily learn to eat low carb while unlocking nutrition and enjoyment from an abundance of delicious dishes while at home or out and about. Fundamentally, low carb, high fat lifestyles are learning to build meals out of ‘Meat (or protein alterative) and low carb veg’. But practically speaking, it’s also about translating the 'protein and veg’ formula into delicious dishes. Check out our recipes, learn about low carb ‘instead ofs’ (low carb substitutes for old higher carb favourites) and discover great new meal ideas!

The information offered through does NOT stand alone. Your indiviual health situation and medications MUST be considered. Please be sure to work with your healthcare provider if you are considering following a low carb dietary pattern.


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