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The MetabolicHealth Program is founded on the belief that the over-consumption of fructose, simple sugars and refined carbohydrates has lead to a state of insulin resistance in a large subset of the Canadian population.

Through teaching patients how to decrease fructose, simple sugar and total daily carbohydrate intake, the MetabolicHealth Program helps patients walk the path of recovery from the diseases of insulin resistance including type 2 diabetes and obesity.

MetabolicHealth Minute Video

Obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism is simple: don't do carbs. Take 4 minutes and 26 seconds to learn how to make this lifestyle change.

The MetabolicHealth Minute QUICK CHAT TOOL FOR episodic care appointments

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: MetabolicHealth Minute FAQ for Healthcare Providers:

1. What evidence is there to support the use of the MetabolicHealth Minute Tool in my practice?

2. How was the tool developed?

3. How effective is this intervention?

4. How should I use this tool?



MetabolicHealth Program patient video series

Dr. Pirianka Wali's perfect statement to the united states department of agriculture Dietary guideline advisory committee

Dr. Wali perfectly summarizes my feeling on the harm of sugar and starch in our dietary pattern. 

Thank you for your clarity Dr. Wali.